Keratin Treatment - Private Label Services

RE+5 Keratin Treatment is one of the leading keratin treatment brands on the market, customers can take advantages of RE+5 Keratin Treatment private label products that is carefully crafted, which you can are proud to put your private label on. With a flexible minimum order you can be offering your customers a complete line of high quality keratin treatment products:

The Keratin Treatment private label services include Product and Product Development, Contact Manufacturing, Turnkey Projects, and Assembly & Packaging.

Keratin Treatment - Formulation and Product Development

RE+5 Keratin Treatment follows the latest technological advances and that have allowed us to stay on the cutting edge of Keratin Treatment technology. We stay up to date on the latest industry trends of Keratin Treatment products. These two abilities allow RE+5 Keratin Treatment to develop some of the latest and innovative Keratin Treatment products in recent years.

RE+5 Keratin Treatment has made extensive capital investments specifically allocated in support of Research and Development. Not only do we stay up to date in the latest science and technological advances…and not only do we stay up to date and well versed in the latest industry trends….but we help to shape the trends of Keratin Treatment. This is how RE+5 Keratin Treatment helps transform your vision into a successful reality.

Keratin Treatment - Contract Manufacturing

RE+5 Keratin Treatment products are produced by Colornow-a contract manufacturer of all Keratin Treatment products. Each keratin treatment product can be formulated, manufactured and packaged to your exact specification. From texture, fragrance and packaging design…to performance and price budget…you make all the decisions for your own keratin treatment products. 

Exactly the way you want it--how you want it–and when you want it. That’s how Contract Manufacturing is done at Colornow.

Keratin Treatment - Turnkey Project  

Some customers may have it all; while the others may need it all.

RE+5 Keratin Treatment is able to do it all. Our goal is to take care of your manufacturing and packaging needs of keratin treatment products in one hundred percent, so that you can save your time, efforts and resources to market your own keratin treatment products. Our Keratin Treatment Turnkey Projects are aim for that purpose. Present us an idea of the basis for your keratin treatment products and we’ll take it from there.

It begins with a formulation/samples sent for your approval. Once the keratin treatment sample product meets your exact requirements, then we’ll conduct all the necessary testing. From stability, through microbiological and clinical trials if desired, we will provide you all of the test results and backup information that your own keratin treatment calls for.

The next is packaging. Our experienced expertise can guide you to the perfect packaging, which is compatible with your own keratin treatment products, and easy and delightful for the consumer to use.  No mater it’s the most cost-effective container, or the fanciest of private molds, Colornow can always take care of sourcing (and producing, if required) the right packaging for your own keratin treatment products.

A number of artists and label designers are to give you the exact design you want. And if your packaging for keratin treatment includes boxes, cellophane, special shipping instructions, etc … we’ll also take care of that for you.

Our keratin treatment turnkey services can also include a wide range of product assay and quality control testing that is designed to give you maximum security at a minimum cost.

RE+5 Keratin Treatment has the resources to necessary to handle your product from beginning to end. From product conception, to product shipping and logistics, RE+5 Keratin Treatment is your one-stop solution.

Keratin Treatment - Assembly and Packaging

Not only has Pure Source proven to be an industry leader in product innovation and development, but we also have the capabilities to give you the exact look you envision.
We can work with you to carefully select the perfect packaging components for your keratin treatment products. Components that are both compatible with the finished product, but also give you the look you want. Pure Source provides many flexible solutions so you can also package your keratin treatment products at your budget.  

Our wide array of filling and packaging equipment will allow us to furnish you with everything from a sample packet or a sample vial, to the most exquisite of custom-made glass containers. We can source your components, supply your components, and fill and decorate them for you with ease… and again, to your exact specifications of your own keratin treatment products.

Our filling capabilities include everything from that sample vial up to a tote tank, and virtually everything in between. Jars, bottles, tubes (soft-sided, hard-body and medal) are all done in house…and all done in high-speed, high-precision equipment. From high speed automated filling, to hand assembly packages. Colornow will find a way to make the finished keratin treatment product match your concept and vision.

Bottles, Packets, Jars, Vials, Tubes (soft-to-hard and plastic-to-metal).

Display boxes, Hang tags, Blister Cards, and so on.

Label, Offset Printing, Screen Printing, Printed Celons, and Shrink Bands

Promotions, Gift baskets, Floor and Counter Displays, and etc

Regardless of your needs, our engineering department can design a production line to maximize production of your keratin treatment products. The responsibilities of our engineers are to find a solution to fill every keratin treatment product with more precision in less time. Their duty is to make it happen. They’re experts, and they do.